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Orbitak International was established in the greater Detroit area in 2005.

We are a consulting company focused on developing solutions for the future with a holistic, versatile, and innovative approach to project management. Our team members bring diverse experiences and competencies to our consulting services, and as a German subsidiary, we possess unique insights and competences in the international business world. We believe that our dynamic network of human resources allows us to bring together public, education and industry sectors for effective stakeholder and program management projects, and to achieve the highest standards in quality, competency, and innovation.

Since its inception, orbitak International has demonstrated its abilities and expertise in project management efficiency and effectiveness, specifically in modern technology and merging industries.  It has grown its business by adding competency in the following areas:

  • Market understanding;
  • Managing complexity;
  • Adapting product and organization structures to better fit human behavior;
  • Designing, structuring and executing skilled trades and other training and educational systems to reflect a competence and performance based philosophy that provides mastery in a complex, modern and dynamic environment using a systemic and holistic approach


At Orbitak International we focus on creating lasting, thorough, and high quality solutions for our clients. We look forward to facing new challenges with our clients, in pursuit of forward-thinking solutions to business and developmental problems.

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