We live in a time of increasing personalization and customer-centric business practices. Manufacturers must adapt to this model in order to stay relevant and compete, now and in the future. In the automotive industry, where business is highly sensitive to economic fluctuations and the rapid advancement of technology is a great factor, car-makers must continually improve their methods for satisfying customers and adapt to the heightened expectations of a young generation of car buyers.

Orbitak International has been involved in customer- and quality-focused projects, improving internal processes and feedback implementation to ensure that driver expectations and manufacturer practices align in the most efficient way possible.

Our focus is to help OEMs and suppliers adjust to these changing realities through holistic and effective project management in all phases of vehicle development and assessment. Our experts provide the foundation for empirically driven implementation of customer-, and technology-focused procedures, and guarantee our clients remain relevant and competitive.

Cross-Country Driving Project

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