Cross-Country Driving Project

– February 2012 –
With the objective to understand and therefore improve their J.D.Power scores, VWGoA invited customers to participate in face-to-face and focus group interviews in three different locations, as well as its own employees to take a closer look at functionality, quality and design of the VW fleet during drives across the country. orbitak International LLC was again chosen by the Volkswagen Group to conceptualize, plan, organize and execute assessments of all key J.D.Power aspects, important to VW – across all models. These aspects included:

  • Cruise Control System
  • Windshield Wipers/Washers
  • Tire Pressure Monitor System
  • Bluetooth and Voice Recognition
  • Audio/Entertainment System
  • Navigation
  • HVAC Controls
  • Heater & A/C functionality
  • Window Fog
  • Engine/Transmission concerns
  • Wind Noises
  • Additional Noises around the car

The interviews and focus groups were conducted in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Herndon, Virginia and Chattanooga, Tennessee, right in the heart of VW’s three main locations in the US – impressive venues for all VW customers to visit. Detailed questionnaires, and open discussions led to valuable insights for both Volkswagen and its customers.
Delivering measurable and accurate results to the client, Volkswagen Group of America, was the top priority for orbitak, while also ensuring that all representatives, flown in from across the globe, were gaining valuable insights. The cars of the U.S. VW fleet were driven across thousands of miles and varying terrain, to give every engineer a first-hand experience to take back home.

This project was planned and executed within a month, further evolving as the project went on. For orbitak, this meant staying highly flexible and sensitive, while keeping the project and its main goals on track. New insights were gained through holding the direct dialogue with the end consumer, finding out VW’s strengths but also room for improvements. From the beginning of the planning phase until the final management report, orbitak and Volkswagen Group worked closely together to ensure the best possible outcome and fulfill the high expectations from every side. Large quantities of data were generated and carefully analyzed and interpreted by orbitak, submitting a report within just days to meet the deadline for the meeting with the Vorstand – Technische Entwicklung in Wolfsburg.

VW drivers tend to have a high brand loyalty and be enthusiasts – glad to provide praise and critique to the VW staff in order to improve the brand they love, and this event was no different. Led by the orbitak moderators, customers shared their opinions and views to help Volkswagen to become what in their eyes it already is: the best it can be.

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