Over the last half century, the meaning of education has hugely evolved. While the meaning of a college degree has become less certain, it has also become less attainable for much of the population. Along with this shift in educational norms is a shift in what the market needs of its workers. Serious skills gaps have become apparent in many industries that keep countries afloat.

The growing skills gap is accompanied by a growing opportunity gap. The opportunity gap between affluent students and their lower-income peers is expanding yearly, partly due to the perpetually-rising college tuition costs. A major challenge in the coming years will be adapting educational models to fit the needs of both students and the market.

The investment in human capital is crucial in adapting for the changing economy, in order to ensure that the next generation may be offered the same opportunities as their parents. Orbitak International believes in working towards alternative approaches to education, which may grow individuals in more ways than their ability to pass tests, and may provide rewarding and sustainable career paths. In pursuit of these goals, Orbitak believes in industry involvement in education to provide maximum utility to students and their future employers.

Our experience at Orbitak International has allowed us to develop a specialization in implementing systems based on the competency based German dual-education model. We deal with companies, organizations, and educational providers to implement educational models and to modify existing ones to agree with the evolving educational norms.

Let’s embrace change together!


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