Organizational Development Services



At orbitak International, we understand that your employees are the most important factor for organizational success. Achieving this success requires a holistic approach involving human factors management (hfm). That is why we offer a unique ‘human-focused service portfolio’ that considers relevant elements to enable your business to find, develop, and support your employees – our C4 concept.

Our many years of experience working with neuroscientists in the fields of modern training, search, motivation and personality helps set us apart from other organizations.

Competence: Build competencies in project teams or departments through in-depth, academically-based and practically applied workshops and training. Workshops are available on multiple topics, including project management, intercultural competencies, corporate strategy, and many more.

Career: Find the right hire for an open position through our extensive network of candidates that reaches from various subject matter experts to the executive level.

Core:  Explore special, highly individualized topics to their core. Receive specialized training and support through individually designed mentoring, training and knowledge empowerment in topics such as neurosciences and its application to the corporate world.

Country: Receive preparation and continuous guidance, as an employer or individual, regarding location, relocation and country-specific knowledge.

orbitak International offers the services and competencies you need for all aspects of empowering humans for true success.


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