orbitak’s career services are one part of our holistic approach to human resources empowerment. Selecting a qualified and motivated employee is crucial for developing an empowered workforce, along with team, location and specialized training efforts.

orbitak can connect employers with highly qualified professionals and executives that are interested in exploring new opportunities and growing their careers. We accomplish this by utilizing our every-expanding network of candidates that has been developed through our ongoing business relationships and is constantly growing. Choosing your next hire is as simple as reviewing our pre-screened selection of candidates!

For professionals looking for new opportunities, we offer listings of available positions here.

As an Employer:

  • Choose from either the Executive or Professional candidate pools, based on your company needs
  • All candidates have been pre-screened to fit your unique requirements
  • Enjoy candidates that are serious about their next career move

As a Professional:

  • Obtain a position that matches your experience and talents
  • Increase your exposure to new career opportunities
  • Gain employment with an organization that shows a strong interest in your particular strengths and abilities

Additional Service:

  • Behavioral assessment options are also available, based on your specific assessment needs


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